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HMY: innovation retail

HMY: people, planet, profit

At HMY, our commitment goes behind the “economic” and towards investment in the “social” and the “environmental” domain. We focus on innovation to create solutions that are more eco-efficient. We start working, at design level, on materials, packaging and processes. We finish training our suppliers on our way of engineering, producing and transporting, to generate a positive cascade effect.

At HMY, sustainable industrial development means meeting the present needs of our factories without compromising the ability of future generations to inhabit the planet.

We work every day to reduce carbon footprint and the “ecological rucksack” of our products.

HMY: people care

At HMY, our commitment for people targets our staff, our suppliers, our clients and the users.

At staff level, we favor the integration of workers with disabilities, immigrants, minorities, women, young people and we implement special programs for senior citizens. We offer our staff in our 5 business units, 14 companies and 15 factories, located all over the world, social protection, health care and training for self-improvement.

At supply level, according our fair trade policy, we work with “ethical” suppliers, favoring small local business that we help in defining policies and procedures and those we incentivize to proceed on the path of people care with special payment terms.

At client level, with our instructions on the maintenance of our products and their constant improved durability, we try to minimize CO2 emissions.

Finally, at end-user level, we offer effective solutions in term of ergonomics, safety, security and duration.

At HMY, we believe that everybody has the right to the highest attainable standard of health. Conducive to the health of all people are the availability of health services, safe working conditions, adequate housing, nutritious foods, education, non-discrimination, access to information and participation. We promote those values throughout our global organization.

HMY: environment care

At HMY, our commitment to the environment focuses on recyclable and reusable materials and on the reduction of waste, energy, water consumption, CO2 emissions produced by transportation, with the objective to bring down the carbon impact on the planet.

At HMY, sustainable industrial development is intended as a process of continous improvement of environmental, economic and social performance. Our metric is based on: cleaner production, environmental and integrated management systems, product oriented measures based on life cycle approach and sustainability reporting based on performance evaluation.

Ethic & transparence

Reporting suspected illegal or unethical behavior at HMY is vital to maintain our success. Integrity is one of the pillars of our present and future business strategy, as you can see from our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Integrity signifies doing what’s right with regard to all behavioral aspects. To maintain this and avoid any possible infringements of the Code of Ethics, we have created this platform for anonymous reports. Open to all employees, partners, suppliers and clients, HMY encourages them to report anything suspicious, whilst guaranteeing the confidentiality of the whistleblower at all times.


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