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Intermarché, by HMY - Supermarket shelves - Image 1

Shelving for supermarkets and much more

Intermarché knows HMY’s experience and knowledge in the world of Retail and trusts entrusts its projects in France to our multidisciplinary teams to design, manufacture and assemble its retail furniture. Most of the furniture is standard HMY furniture: shelves, checkout registers, fruit and vegetable displays… but custom furniture was also manufactured for the textile, household item and decoration areas, as well as for the supermarket’s visual communication.

Out of all the projects carried out to date, Intermarché Némours stands out. The premises are round in shape, which meant a lot of work went into rethinking the architecture of the spaces to adapt shelving placement to the building's atypical layout. Along with Intermarché, an amphitheater-shaped supermarket was designed, to place value on the spaces, while leaving the central area as the waiting area.

At this market, the fruit and vegetable furniture and the services island were all installed in the shape of a star. Around this furniture, the shelves and central shelving were installed in circles, with the unique feature of going higher and higher as they reach the back of the building, so as to improve visibility. After this, the traditional spaces adapt to the supermarket walls with perimeter shelving, and in the opposite part, we find the checkout register line.

A project that includes all of HMY’s solutions: design, visual communication, the technical office, manufacture and assembly. This successful project proves the potential of HMY’s know-how, from the supermarket’s design to its end installation, even for projects with unique characteristics.

Intermarché, by HMY - Supermarket shelves - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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