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Foot District

Maximum personalization of commercial furniture in Foot District

In the beginning, Foot District's business was based solely on online shoe sales, offering a carefully chosen selection of the best brands on the sneaker market.  In order to combine the online world with the physical purchasing experience, they decided to open their first store in Madrid (Spain).

This flagship's store concept was inspired by all things related to urban or city style and they counted HMY's help with the personalization of their commercial furniture.

The space has a contemporary and modern aesthetic, consistent with life in the city. Custom made furniture has been integrated into the store's architecture in order to create a homogeneous environment. We have built the counters, wall shelves and central benches out of crude MDF that was later coated with microcement, the same finish as the walls and floor. The rest of the furniture has been built with MDF and lacquered in dark gray to maintain the neutrality of colors in the whole space.

In an effort to break with the uniformity of the finishings, playful geometric shapes invade the store from start to finish. These work both as decorative elements and as displays for the shoes.

One of the characteristics of the urban style is the use of intense white lighting to counteract the prominence of neutral colors.  We have incorporated the lighting systems by integrating them into the commercial furniture.

Smart Digital Signage

One of the most prominent spaces in the store is dedicated to a figure of Michael Jordan. We have installed a giant curved screen that connects to a table in the room where replicas of the historical basketball player's shoes are displayed. When the client touches one of these sneakers, the digital signage automatically plays a video of Jordan playing in them. This LED-based Digital Display offers the customer a memorable shopping experience.

Foot District
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