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Leclerc, by HMY - Gondola Shelving - Image 1

1500 m2 of shelves, gondolas and checkout registers for Leclerc

With a style that stands out from Leclerc’s prior projects, this supermarket, located in downtown Paris, has a “warehouse” style design and decoration. The project was carried out by the architect study Beatrice Oreal.

Once again, Leclerc trusted HMY to manufacture and install the retail furniture in three specific areas in the sales room: edibles, perfumes and checkout registers.

The shop-in-shop for edibles is made up of shelves and gondolas. With industrial decoration, the furniture mixes different effects and materials in this retail zone. Smart thought also went into the lighting, to highlight the products which are oriented toward organic and gluten-free foodstuffs.

Upon entering the supermarket, the perfume area welcomes us into the environment we will enjoy throughout the entire retail space: the “Metro” tile format makes the gondolas stand out, giving them a very Parisian look. The LED lighting built into the furniture improves product visibility.

Leclerc took evolution of its new supermarket concept to the finish line, with an original style, between a container and a display window for the checkout register area. This area was equipped with the Axis selection, in island format with 8 registers in “basket” format, that HMY is planning on evolving toward a very innovative checkout experience.

Leclerc, by HMY - Gondola Shelving - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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