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Colorist Studio, Innovative and Adaptable Displays for L´Oreal

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How can you create interest and increase sales in the hair color category in supermarkets?

How can you create interest and increase sales in the hair color category in supermarkets?  This is the question that has been answered by Colorist Studio.  A new display concept that sorts products and brands to help customers properly choose their hair color tone.

But it is also a display solution that is adaptable for retailers in any country, adjustable to all furniture configurations, expandable depending on product volume by category, and easy to adjust.  

The key feature for this hair dye display area is a circular mirror surrounded by lights with a color chart to help customers select the color that best suits them according to their skin tone and natural hair color.  An unusual detail in supermarkets that provides value to this category and improves the shopping experience.  

Every Colorist Studio module includes three levels of visual communication on the upper part: separators to mark each product category, the mirror with the color chart, and accessories to promote certain products.  

HMY has worked with the world leader in beauty in the development of this point-of-sale advertising project.  L´Oreal chose us for our flexibility, responsiveness, and international implementation capacity.  This last point has been crucial due to the coordination of our different manufacturing units in France, Poland, China, and Mexico.  

The management of the HMY departments and the good relationships with managers from different L’Oreal categories around the world has allowed for this innovative display to be implemented in more than 20 countries, adapting it to the various types of furniture and space requirements of each retailer.  

The implementation of the Colorist Studio display at each point-of-sale has been completed in less than 40 days, including the project management, visual communication, manufacturing, delivery, and installation.  

A strategic project that affirms us as L´Oreal’s main partner for the development of more complex point-of-sale advertising projects on an international scale.  

HMY: innovation in retail

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