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Sony Gallery, by HMY - Shop design - Image 1

We create the new store design for Sony

The challenge of the project was to create a new “Sony Center”, made for Sony Spain, in order to replace the old “Sony Gallery” throughout the Spanish territory.

The new store design should be able to provide a flexible space, easily accessible to customers, where to interact directly with the product. Therefore HMY created an environment that breathes technology and innovation using original materials.

The design space is made up of a rectangular floor, which is divided into four very distinct areas: facade and display window, the shop, the living room and the storage area.

Of these, the most important intervention was performed in the sales area, where an effective perimetral modular element that displays a large range of accessories was conceived. The zone in the middle of the store is dedicated to a more playful use, where customers can touch and experience the products. A roof made of metal slats, from which hangs a refined lighting system, reinforces the image of this zone.

The most innovative item in this shop design is the living room. It consists of a room where visitors can experiment with the newest Sony products.

Another important element of the design project was the communication implemented in the windows. HMY created a messaging system framed in color codes that attracts attention and is eye-catching for the passerby.

Sony Gallery, by HMY - Shop design - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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