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Yamaha Motors, by HMY, store design - Retail Design - Image 1

Store Design for Yamaha Motors

The objective of the project was designing a new space concept for Yamaha Motors Spain dealerships. The Yamaha Motor Center in Barcelona was used as pilot project.

Through new construction, decoration and communication solutions, it was possible to implement a new image that, consistent with the rules of brand’s visual identity, strengthens the impact of the store, brings order to the space and organizes the services offered. It was achieved by implementing a flow path and a zoning that facilitates customer circulation and accessibility as well as the correct display of the products.

The motorcycle exhibition looks very neat, thanks largely to the store lay out, which suggests a black vinyl flooring path differentiated from the gray one that dominates the exhibition areas. The corporate colors were applied to the customer service area walls and furniture. The information desk was done up in bright red.

The lighting design, electrified rail projectors using LED, provides a scenographic environment that make the motorcycles shine and stand out.

Yamaha Motors, by HMY, store design - Retail Design - Image 3
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