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SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - Customer & Product Recognition

Personalized Interactivity

When a client enters in a store, can look all the information and special promos shown in the shopping area. The inclusion of screens in the store gives to the retailer the opportunity to reach a higher level of customer attention and service.

Last technological solutions allows the retailer to go one-step further. Now the retailer can take advantage of the dynamic messages and adapt them to the public situated in front of the screens of its store by identifying some parameters of the customers who are in front of that point.

Integrating cameras in the store, it is possible to measure some variables that can be used to give intelligence to the screens. Thanks to this, we can show to each person promos and personalized information, and make the most of each screen. They are not static ads, neither nor dynamic messages, it is the next level of customer’s shopping experience: give to each person its particular message.

In addition too, product recognition by different technologies like RFID antennas integrated at strategic points inside the store, can launch and interact with the shopper playing videos related to the in-hand product making possible an emotional connection with the consumer at that moment.

Personalized Interactivity
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