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Trolleys for retail spaces

HMY’s complete line of trolleys was designed and developed bearing the retail space’s features and its requirements in mind, as well as the consumer’s needs.

Manufactured with tubular metallic base to ensure high stability and durability, each trolley model’s design provides for complete visibility of the products stored inside, preventing their removal insofar as is possible. They are very comfortable to handle.

Different formats and accessories for all different kinds of stores mean that are trolleys meet with the highest, most secure quality-functionality standards on the market:

 Conventional: Designed for the European and American market, they offer more special capacities, with specific models for the disabled and children.
 - Industry specific: Cash & Carry>for heavy merchandise and DIY > several different models according to merchandise volume and weight.

We have all kinds of accessories for trolleys, such as cash carriers, anti-theft security, anti-block wheels, holder for scanner reader, etc.

Additional cart cleaning and maintenance services.

Supermarket trolley, by HMY - Shopfitting DIY-trolley.jpg
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