FLexis: the trend of the Fruit & Vegetable furniture by HMY

Flexis, fruit and vegetable furniture, by HMY - Image 1

HMY demonstrates once again its innovation and modernism by launching a new Fruit and Vegetable furniture display: FLexis. It will be available at the end of January. It's a sign of a future product range for this sector.

The plus of FLexis?

The performance of the Fresh & Traditional Foods department is and will be a key-factor in the success of large food stores. HMY, as an expert in the retail world, has leaned over the subject and offers furniture which plays a large part in the achievement of this performance.

To attract more consumers in the fruit and vegetable area and encourage impulse purchases, HMY has chosen a design that gives space to the products. The clean lines of the table, the transparency of the base and the studied integration of the accessories allow the customer to have a clear view over the entire fresh and traditional universe. The result provides a realistic and attractive scene that gives a real specialist image to the point of sale.

FLexis: promising beginnings…

The FLexis has created a buzz since last October during its presentation at the GALEC fair where more than 120 contacts with a project or an idea took an interest in the furniture. With this innovative design, HMY intends to conquer new markets.

FLexis has been studied and designed to meet the consumers' expectations and the requirements of retailers who still wish to optimize their sales area.

Flexis, fruit and vegetable furniture, by HMY - Image 2

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HMY: innovation in retail

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