HMY collaborates with Toshiba for the implementation of the Full-Time Checkout furniture

Leader of commercial equipment and check-out specialists, HMY closely follows the developments of the market and the consumer.

With its ability to personalize and tailor solutions to each type of retail project, HMY was asked by Toshiba Global Trade Solutions to collaborate on the design and the implementation of the Full-Time Checkout concept.

The knowledge and attentiveness to business of both companies’ teams have been the key element to the success of this innovative patented solution.

The furniture is flexible, compact and a real innovation and allows points of sale of all sizes to offer the customers a line of permanently available check-outs which are capable of accepting all modes of payment.

Vertical and lateral mechanisms allow the Full-Time Checkout to change from a traditional configuration to a self-scanning or self-service configuration in only a few minutes.

Whatever the mode (traditional with cashier or self-service), consumers can use all means of payment. For the store manager, the adaptability to the influx of customers, the flexibility regarding the planning of the cashiers and the compliance with the ergonomics standard of the NF X 35 701 workstation are undeniable strengths.

HMY, the international leader in shop fitting, has specialized for more than 50 years in the design, manufacture and installation of multi-material furniture for stores.

Toshiba Global Trade Solutions today is the first supplier of integrated store solutions. Toshiba provides end-to-end solutions, services and supports to meet all the technological needs of the point of sale distributors.

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HMY: innovation in retail

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