• The material library in Vendôme

The material library in Vendôme : a place of monitoring and inspiration !

The material library in Vendôme, by HMY. A place of monitoring and inspiration - Image 1

Dealing with market developments, following trends, introducing our expertise to our customers and prospects ... these are the challenges we meet on a daily basis. It is in order to always support and advise our customers better that a materials library has been created in Vendôme.

This large scale project offers our customers the opportunity to visualize the extent of our know-how in a space of exchange and work. We can thus advise on different materials and designs available.

This room is dedicated to presenting HMY materials and processes. Thanks to constant monitoring, it will be regularly updated and renewed with new materials which meet the needs and requirements of all our customers.

The material library in Vendôme, by HMY. A place of monitoring and inspiration - Image 2

This physical showcase exposed on the walls is composed of samples classified by family. The samples can be easily manipulated allowing customers to better understand the combination of colours and different materials.

This industrial looking place is positioned between the trade offices and the factory and is representative of HMY manufacturing.

If you wish to discover the materials library, we’ll be only too happy to show you around!

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