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Real Madrid, by HMY renovation store - General Contracting - Image 1

Renovation of the Adidas store at the Real Madrid Stadium

After implementation of a new image incorporating Real Madrid FC elements, we renovated the Adidas store at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

The civil work and installations were executed in phases, coordinating the store’s individual installations with the stadium’s general installations. Throughout the entire premise renovation process, the store remained opened.

The main entryway to the store was changed, which mean the Real Madrid’s central offices had to be partially renovated. Of note is the emblem, 3 meters in diameter, made of steel, and placed on the façade. Also of note is the steel cantilever structure, 11 meters high, in the vertical shaft running between the three stories.

Our retail specialist team provided for coordinated, planned site management, guaranteeing work execution and under safe conditions.

Real Madrid, by HMY renovation store - General Contracting - Image 3
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