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Shopping Basket Lift

The basket lift is a solution to make the purchase process accessible to functionally diverse social groups: the elderly, those with temporary injuries, pregnant women, with physical disabilities…

These are individuals who have a permanent or temporary issue with emptying their products from the baskets to the check-out register conveyor belt. With this innovative solution, we can hoist the basket to the register conveyor belt, minimizing the client’s efforts to unload his or her products.

The basket lift system easily adapts to the space under registers. It does not require complex installation and it is easy to use and handle for everyone.

Advantages of the basket lift:

  • It helps to minimize client efforts when handling products.
  • It means that check-out staff do not have to assist clients with difficulties in handling the product.
  • It speeds up customer register traffic.
  • It is adaptable to any register model, either HMY or made by any other manufacturer.
  • It offers advertising space on the register shelving for promotions.
  • It earns customer loyalty as opposed to other establishments that do not have this comfortable feature.
Basket lift, by HMY - Shopfitting shopping-basket-lift.jpg
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