HMY has important productive and human resources worldwide, which makes it possible to offer an integral suggestion with the perfect solutions for the retail sector everywhere in the world. In HMY, we certainly know that customer service means to meet the specific needs the people.

  • Worldwide service
  • International company
  • Factories all over the world
  • Commercial offices
  • Local offices for contact and contracting
  • Customised planning for the client
  • The best service for the retailer


HMY is able to offer its entire range of products and services for a large number of commercial sectors.

Every sector, every commercial area and every format. In HMY, we are specialists in meeting the needs and demands of our clients to create an excellent shop.

  • Food
  • DIY store
  • Specialised shops
  • POP – Display elements
  • Events
  • Airports
  • Catering
  • Technology applied to
    the retail sector


Our clients have at their disposal an optimised supply service to obtain the best conditions among those that HMY offers worldwide. The kind of product, its added value concerning contents, the dimensions of the products, delivery deadline and the reliability of terms and specifications are crucial to achieve this optimisation.

  • Worldwide supply
  • Local commercial assistance
  • Import assessment
  • Currency management
  • Financing


We are ready and willing for the job: we consider every detail about every stage of your project side to side with you. Our commercial assessors are qualified to suggest to you the most suitable and profitable solutions according to your needs and demands, even surpassing your initial expectations.

  • Consulting and advice
  • R&D - Innovative solutions
  • Conceptual design
  • Simulation
  • Laboratory and prototypes
  • Test and certifications


We have the required technical resources and capacity to innovate in order to obtain the perfect integration of design into the manufacturing process. In HMY, we work according to strict technical standards on design with CAD/CAM software, cutting-edge technology and testing processes.

In this way we can quickly develop, test and approve reliable, economic and profitable manufactured products to optimise the value of your purchase.

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Value engineering
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • External verification


Our project integrated management department applies procedures that have been thoroughly designed and developed and the best work processes to guarantee a reliable and accurate result.

In HMY we have perfected our capacity to completely cover the needs of the retail commercial sector, which is more and more innovative, demanding and competitive. We know that time and efficiency in the project completion are key factors to obtain a satisfactory result.

  • Processes planning
  • Specifications management and control
  • Delivery schedule planning
  • Installation, even in special conditions
  • Quality plan
  • Safety and health, quality and
    environmental concern
  • Budget control and supervision
  • Final result verification report
  • Certification


The responsible management and care of the natural environment are, today, priorities for both people and companies. In HMY, we have taken the initiative and have developed a range of flexible options to orientate our services towards the environmental sustainability and, at the same time, facilitate the updating of our customers’ shops in an affordable way.

  • Assessment
  • Recycling and reemployment
  • Equipment’s cession
  • Shop monitoring
  • Assistance to the merchandising service


In HMY, we are convinced that our service must be extended beyond the project for the commercial equipment. The whole process ranges from the very first design to the delivery integrated serviced. After the shop opening, we make our clients feel supported by the service capacity of the international leader.

  • Turnkey integral service (Global Contracting)
  • Scalable turnkey service
  • New construction - New business establishment
  • Refurbishing - Commercial expansion
  • Logistical support
  • Maintenance


HMY is specialised in the retail business, but also offers other projects that require specific equipment to activities that are not related to mass distribution.

  • Libraries
  • Storehouses
  • Interior and exterior markets
  • Corners and Franchising
  • No-retail establishments
  • Banks


HMY is specialised in the retail business, but also offers other projects that require specific equipment to activities that are not related to mass distribution.

  • Information and advice
  • Ongoing assistance
  • Product guarantee
  • Replacement of complements
  • Spare parts and original replacements
  • Operational and maintenance support


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