R50 System

A consolidated traditional concept

Shelving Range

All of the HMY Shelving systems, which have been designed and developed for every specific sector, guarantee the optimal use of the space in every shop, are highly versatile, and increase the possibilities to display the products to be sold.

We offer shop standard structural elements that allow a quick assembly of linear structures without using screws.

P25 Evolution

Optimal use of the space in every shop


ABP: Advanced Back Panel

This 1x1 removable back panel is positioned in the front part of the upright and can be installed and uninstalled without completely disassembling the piece of furniture.

This is very useful when doing a remodelling or partial refurbishing in the shop. We have added improved elements such as a longitudinal groove system and reinforced clasps, doubling the thickness of the ends to offer a more compact and rigid panel that provides an exceptional service regarding furniture solidity and stability and making the element more attractive, exclusive and modern, which is also important.

Last, its functional service has been improved and it is lighter, which make it easier to handle and assemble.


SBP: Single Back Panel

It is the winner regarding optimization! It is installed between the uprights, into the part that is hidden and has no other use, when using a frontal panel. All this space is gained for more products!

The most important advantage of SBP is that in a space for 12 gondolas with frontal panels, one more can be installed, gaining capacity to display products and keeping the same room for the corridors that are characteristic of a layout with linear structures with 500-mm depth shelves.

Fewer panels and more space for selling products, a profitable solution.


One of the great advantages of the R50 system is its compatibility with other modular systems for the storing of heavy products, such as the Rack structures. It responds completely to the needs of every client regarding dimensions and functionality. It is available in a wide range of sizes and allows an optimal fitting in the sales area. In addition there is a wide range of standard components that can be added to increase even more the possibilities. With R50 every option is possible.

This is a shelving system with a 50mm-rate system; the shelves can be positioned at the required height in multiples of 50mm. Its sturdy structure can hold up to 1 ton, therefore it is the most suitable system for stores with large loads, such as the food sector, big-box stores or DIY depots, but also for the electrical appliances sector because of its versatility.

HMY has been 15 years manufacturing this system. It has been hugely deployed and it has proved to be a quality product for our clients. It is already a traditional consolidated concept.

It can be totally customized: dimensions, colours, decorative elements, light, components... We adapt the product to the specific needs of each of our clients.









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