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Adopt’: technology applied to Health & Beauty retail

Technology applied to retail


The Health & Beauty sector continues to attract a multitude of customers to its physical stores due to the nature of the products they market in which senses are fundamental. However, technology has a lot to contribute in this type of space to improve the shopping experience and customer service.


The case of Adopt’

Adopt’ is a French cosmetics brand founded in 1986 with its perfumery range being the main base of its business. At present, Adopt’ boasts 130 stores and approximately 83 franchises, but this number is envisaged to grow in the future with 40 new stores opening in France and 10 in China.

HMY has helped Adopt’ with a 360º proposition that integrates the development of the project and its upkeep, while also providing digital solutions that give stores greater interactivity and a better shopping experience.


Customer service technology

A number of solutions have been developed in these stores that seek to provide customer service technologies to improve their experience in store and help them find what they are looking for. This is achieved through a personalised purchase that is articulated through different solutions.

One of the most prominent solutions is a fragrance wall that has an interactive advisor that guides the customer in their choice of perfume, based on their tastes, mood, etc.


Interaction as a pillar of experience

Customer interaction is the first step to building a quality experience in store that favours buying and customer loyalty. HMY’s technological solutions have made it possible to include in this establishment of Adopt’ up to 10 communication channels.

Thanks to these interaction points, customers can access diverse information about the products and discover more about them. But these points not only offer the possibility of expanding the information, some of them also allow you to share your experience in social networks or even learn how to use some of the products through tutorials.

A win-win for client and seller

This type of development represents an important benefit both for the store owners and their buyers. Through a much more enriching experience, customers buy and enjoy more of their purchases, especially in a sector such as Health & Beauty.

If you want to know more about the project we have developed for Adopt’, have a read of the Case Study we have prepared.

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