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Differentiation, the main competitive advantage in the Health & Beauty sector

Given the enormous degree of segmentation in the Health & Beauty sector and the fierce competition among brands and distributors, the need has arisen to find new ways of reaching final consumers. And above all, of reaching them effectively.

In this regard, finding ways to stand out is among the toughest challenges facing players in the Health & Beauty Sector, since this characteristic is also the main competitive advantage.

“Distributors and brands in the Health & Beauty industry all face the same challenge: they need to stand out from the competition in a limited retail space. They have to compete with a growing number of brands and multiple products within their own brands. All in a limited space”, says Patricia Rodríguez Mediano, Global Key Account Director of HMY and Health and Beauty expert.

In this context, “brands also need to interact with customers in their sales spaces, offering a service and an experience rather than a mere product”, adds Patricia Rodríguez.

Brands and distributors opt for innovation to develop products that deliver real added value to their consumers and meet their expectations in terms of quality. Patricia Rodríguez also stresses that “this same innovation is transferred to Health & Beauty shelves and stores, with the intention of reaching customers and providing them with a meaningful shopping experience that goes beyond the product itself”.

However, product presentation is also a crucial aspect. With a view to helping clients to face the challenges of today’s markets, “Based on innovation, HMY has driven an evolution in the design and implementation of new retailing tools to create spaces where the attention is on the product. This enables us to help brands and retailers to highlight novelties and innovations”, explains the Health & Beauty expert.

Solutions like lighting have an important role. According to Patricia Rodríguez, “lighting is a crucial factor for enhancing and supporting this higher product visibility”. More and more retailers and brands are willing to make greater investments on these aspects in order to “maximise perception of the product”.

In short, with final consumers’ expectations growing all the time, “retail point of sales need to be 100% customer focused to provide an outstanding shopping experience. Spaces where each segment and category is fully and naturally integrated, highlighting innovation and differential, disruptive aspects to create unique experiences that attract customers and inspire loyalty, concludes Patricia Rodríguez.

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