Food Weeks: A Unique Experience for the Food Industry

"I really enjoyed this wonderful visit, a production facility geared towards the future: digital technology and listening to its customers" GUIBLAIN.A, employment and social affairs assistant of the Mayor of Monéteau.

During the last edition of one of the food industry's most important retail events, HMY presented some of the most important innovations that will change the way that customers relate to brands.

During the event, HMY put a large part of their team and all of their effort into designing an experience that showcased all of the potential within the food industry.

The Result Was a Success

The initial duration, which was scheduled this year from November 13 to December 1, was an overwhelming success since we had to extend it by three more weeks.

The Food Weeks event organized by HMY was executed in record time: in only 2 months of work. The event space was divided into 8 areas and attracted more than 130 visitors in the 34 visiting days.

In the words of some of the event's attendees, Food Weeks was "an exhibition hall showing HMY's productions and their ability to deliver any kind of installation, from floor to ceiling." - Vandermeirssche. V, project manager at Auchan.

The 200 square meters occupied by Food Weeks was made up of eight areas which were specialized depending on the type of product. In these areas, attendees were able to observe, touch and feel new materials, seeing them in the environment of their real application. To Debes G., director of Roncourt Cora Belgium, Food Weeks is "the real-life scenario for solutions."As mentioned, these eight areas were created according to the type of product they feature:

Shelving: A large sample of shelving systems, of which the P25 Evolution is worth mentioning. This is a model of furniture with which HMY wanted to highlight their new SlimLine shelf, a thin shelf which still has the features and capacities of shelving.

Bakeries: Customized solutions for traditional spaces. In this area the product is enhanced with finishes which combine materials in order to convert the space to the traditional concept of bakeries.

Fruits and Vegetables: We highlight an element that is integrated into display islands which keeps the displayed products properly refrigerated.

Organic Products: A painstaking integration of elements that make it possible to properly present organic food products.

Wines: Take care of the merchandise. This is the solution that HMY offers their clients. In this area the exhibition space combines the display and treatment of products that, together with technology, let the customer compare and choose the best harvest.

Seafood: With HMY's Ice&erg furniture, merchandise is kept fresh and the ergonomic system facilitates its operator's daily work.

Checkout: Beetwo and Butterfly cash register models are solutions to make the checkout process much faster, reducing wait time for customers.

Interactivity: The development of experiences in which the customer can interact with the store during the purchase process and digital signage can showcases the advantages of the products displayed in the establishment.

All of our attendees, in the company of our professionals, enjoyed a full experience and different global solutions for the food industry, which managed to spotlight the great variety of solutions that HMY can provide. In short, Food Weeks is "a well-organized and pragmatic showroom with the real in-store experience" -Lecroq. M (Director of Leclerc Douai)

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HMY: innovation in retail

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