HMY > HMY: A Committed Company With A Clear Vision For The Future

HMY: A Committed Company With A Clear Vision For The Future

At HMY we are committed to innovation and we aim to transform our customers’ diverse sales spaces in order to create distinctive experiences at their points of sale.

Our value proposition is defined by the use of technology as a differential value to create innovative solutions within the retail sector.

Our customer satisfaction is one of the values and key points that HMY puts special emphasis on, and from this commitment comes the application of the 3R policy: Rigor, Responsibility, and Root Cause.  

The team that we have created is always immersed in training processes to improve its professionalization and its capacity.  At HMY, we believe in the entire team and we take care of our staff, not only by how we treat them but also by creating a pleasant work environment for them, which is one of our top priorities.

HMY: A Global Group

The internationalization of our services is one of the greatest distinguishing factors in a market saturated with options. The rapid global response by our worldwide teams makes HMY one of the best options when addressing comprehensive projects across a large number of spaces and places. 

Our commitment to the planet’s sustainability is vital to each of the actions we take with our customers. For this reason, at HMY we are committed to the 10 principals of the United Nation’s Global Compact.

At HMY you will also find that we are at the forefront of quality, thanks to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, which is the basis for the Quality Management System. This international standard focuses on all of the quality management elements with which a company should have in order to deliver an effective system that allows managing and improving the quality of its products and services.  

Basically, the ISO 9001 standard provides the infrastructure, procedures, processes, and resources necessary to support organizations in controlling and improving their performance.  In this way, it drives them towards achieving efficiency, customer service and product excellence.

Download our policy and values here: 


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