HMY > HMY Joins The Diálogo’s Board of Honor at the Spanish-French Friendship Association

HMY Joins The Diálogo’s Board of Honor at the Spanish-French Friendship Association

HMY has become a part of the Diálogo’s Board of Honor, an association that brings together 50 stakeholders from economic and industrial sectors within both Spain and France. Its mission is to bring the two countries closer together, enriching relations between them since its foundation in 1983.

In the words of Ignacio Marín Villamayor, HMY’s CEO: “It’s an honor for HMY to be a member of the Diálogo Association’s Board of Honor.  The relationship between France and Spain is an essential part of our Group, and we believe it’s important for their respective economies to maintain and promote good relations between the two countries.”

As part of this cooperation, HMY has participated in award ceremony for Avenir Scholarships, financed by the French Embassy and the companies that collaborate with the Diálogo. These scholarships of excellence are aimed at young people who want to study for a year or do an internship in France. Helena Cabeza Ochoa has received a scholarship to study at the HEC School in Paris. She also has the opportunity to do internships at the company’s facilities in Auxerre, during her training period in France, and in Spain at the end of her training.

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