HMY Will Invest 3 Million Euros, Creating 60 New Jobs at its Production Plant in Spain

HMY started the new year by focusing the positive results and prospects that the company saw in 2017. Particularly noteworthy is the construction of a new logistics warehouse which is set to open in April, and which represents an investment of 6 million euro. In addition, another 3 million will be allocated to the acquisition of new machinery and the expansion of their Cariñena office.

Infrastructure is not the only area in which HMY is showing an upward progression. In 2017, their sales reached 239 million euro and this figure is expected to increase even further in 2018. This has led to an increase in their workforce, which grew by 17% in the past year, and, with planned investments over next few months, another 60 jobs will be created.

This increase in the workforce has been one of the reasons why the regional Minister of Economy of the Government of Aragon, Marta Gastón, visited HMY's plant in the Veguilla area of Cariñena (Zaragoza). The regional government has signed a recruitment and training agreement with a pledge to hire and train 15 unemployed people.

This training will consist of 300 face-to-face hours of instruction, during which students will be trained in carpentry. This is one step forward in the consolidation of the agreements between business and government which bore fruit during the past year, with a similar agreement being made in which 12 people received training in shielded metal arc welding and TIG and were then brought on staff. In fact, HMY carries the Social Responsibility Seal, a distinction awarded by the Government of Aragon and social partners to companies that meet the criteria established within Aragon's Social Responsibility Plan.

HMY's goal is to continue growing in the coming years and, in the words of their managing director, Benito Pardo: "We will continue to invest between 3 and 4 million in adapting to Industry 4.0. and improving our process so as to incorporate new technologies throughout the purchase process which is what our clients will expect of us."

Innovation is a key aspect for the group's future, as Alberto Fantova, Head of Marketing for Business South at HMY, points out. He points to their innovation labs as the place where HMY creates shopping experiences that are unique to brands and retailers.

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HMY: innovation in retail

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