You’re Invited to HMY's Showroom in its Monéteau, France Facilities

Retail is a sector in which all five senses are very important. This is why the challenge is for companies to arrange for their customers to enjoy memorable experiences, creating concepts that are surprising and enjoyable.

When it comes to the creation of commercial spaces – many of them large – all of the ideas that could be developed can overwhelm clients. Unlike other sectors, where it is possible to learn about and test products in person, trying to do the same thing here would be very expensive and complicated.

To overcome this barrier, HMY has created a space where it is possible to do this. In other words, HMY is enabling their clients to discover and experience the spaces and equipment that they provide.

What Is HMY's Showroom in Monéteau?

The showroom, located at HMY's facilities in Monéteau (France), features shelving systems, lighting, digital signage, automatic payment points and examples of the capabilities of radiofrequency systems.

Along with discovering the possibilities that are opened through these innovative concepts, clients can also gain real insight into the applications of designs and materials in commercial spaces, and plan their own projects in pursuit of greater efficiency and return on investment.

This showroom was opened in November 2017 in Monéteau during the Food Weeks event, organized by HMY. HMY's concrete proposal consisted in designing an experience and a set of spaces that showed all the existing potential for companies in the food sector.

HMY worked on a 200 square meter area which was divided into eight specialized zones separated according to the types of products that were going to be offered for sale in each one of them. The spaces were devoted to setting up a bakery section, one for fruits and vegetables, another for organic products, one for fish, a wine section and one zone for a check out area.

In addition, possibilities were shown for innovative shelving systems from HMY, such as SlimLine, a shelf model for the P25 Evolution system, and the refrigerated compartment, Fleg 27, which is incorporated into a display of fruits and vegetables. Digital solutions are also used to lead the way and help visitors translate these ideas into their own commercial spaces.

Food Weeks lasted 34 days, and more than 130 visitors agreed to become acquainted with the HMY showroom. This space remains open to those who want to visit and discover the opportunities available to companies in the food sector. Book and appointment to visit by writing to us at

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You’re Invited to HMY's Showroom in its Monéteau, France Facilities27/04/2018

Retail is a sector in which all five senses are very important. This is why the challenge is for companies to arrange for their customers to enjoy memorable experiences, creating

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