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HMY Works With Leclerc on Their First BIO Store

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The growing consumer demand for organic and eco-friendly products has led to an increase in these availability of these products in distribution channels. But Leclerc has wanted to respond to their customers’ needs directly, and they are developing a new concept for a completely organic store, with products that were exclusively grown organically, and which meet all the necessary requirements to be certified as organic.

They have created a prototype store in Dijon (France) measuring 400 square meters and almost 6000 organic products including some from their brand Bio Village. This space will be used to test the market and to learn about consumption habits related to these products. Using the results, a new store concept will be created and then extrapolated into more than 200 of these types of commercial spaces opening in France.

A HMY, we have accompanied LECLERC throughout the process of creating this first store, determining what commercial furniture will be used and advising them on the materials and finishes of all furniture and in the implementation of innovative solutions such as in the checkout areas.



Shop Counters, Custom Forniture, Shelving, Checkouts

Custom Furniture

In addition to manufacturing all of the shelving, end caps and murals in metal and laminated wood, we have developed a series of custom furniture. The fruit and vegetable display is traditional wooden custom furniture, and so are the wheeled display cases to highlight certain fruits and vegetables. A distinctive element of the store that is worth mention is the checkout area in which we have integrated our Beetwo checkouts.

Checkout System-Hybrid Checkouts

The checkout area is a strategic area in stores and sometimes it is difficult to manage the peak moments of customer traffic. For this reason, we have created the Beetwo checkout which can function in two ways: as a traditional checkout with a cashier, or as self checkout with which the customer scans their items and pays independently.

In this way, LECLERC will be able to manage the variations in traffic in their BIO stores more effectively. When there are periods of high traffic, the checkout is transformed into a traditional system in just a few minutes, with a person assisting in the checkout process in order to go faster. When there is less activity, the checkout is set to automatic mode and the customer takes care of this whole process on their own.

Beetwo Hybrid Checkouts are an innovative solution that makes it possible to reduce wait time at checkout, and which optimizes the human resources that are available to the stores.

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