The Group Supermercados Peruanos has 9 commercial spaces under the brand Vivanda, located mainly in the inner city of Lima. Its supermarket format is characterized by offering fresh products and having experts in their points of sale that serve customers in a personal way.

Following a visit to our production unit in Spain, and getting to know first-hand our innovation laboratory in commercial equipment, “Retail Innovation Lab”, as well as our potential in services, products and international industrial capacity, they decided to commission HMY to renew one of its supermarkets.

Vivanda’s aim was to create a new supermarket concept that would serve as a pilot in order to later transfer it to other commercial spaces. Our retail concept and design team carried out a depth of previous research work to get to know the target audience in Lima. Based on these results we were able to design a supermarket adjusted to their needs, prioritizing fresh products display and interaction with the customer.

The supermarket interior design is divided into areas or universes. In the entrance area we find the fresh products and at the end of the tour the beverage zone. An organization of shelves according to products consumption in supermarkets Vivanda to create a traffic flow that leads the client, naturally, to go through all areas of interest.

For the commercial furniture we pursue the differentiation with traditional supermarkets, implanting metallic P25 shelves combined with customized wooden furniture that provide a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Another remarkable aspect was the development of the visual communication of the entire commercial space. 6000 meters of strips in thermoplastic material were made and installed in the ceilings to correctly demarcate/denote all sections and to facilitate customers’ products search. Furthermore, supermarket checkoutswere supplied, using innovative materials such as the wood-effect thermoplastic layered profile.

An integral project, from supermarket design to complete installation, in which HMY has been able to participate in all decision-making supporting the client in its renovation process.

HMY: innovation in retail