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Spar Trusts HMY To Open New Eco-Supermarkets

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HMY has worked together with Spar Group in planning a new eco-supermarket in Gran Canaria, a groundbreaking project based on a health food store concept.  With more than 6,000 ecological and organic products, the company is positioning itself to cater to a wide range of customers. The majority are people from abroad who had difficulty finding organic and ecological food products in the area.

With more than 300 square meters of space, the Spar Natural supermarket also has a cafeteria that serves 100% organic foods. It also has a center dedicated to nutritional supplement counseling and healthy and balanced diets, led by qualified professionals, who in addition to giving consults also develop capacity building workshops on nutritional supplements and how to achieve a healthy diet.

HMY has designed the supermarket to value its products, identifying them based on their type and nutritional characteristics, whether they are vegan or vegetarian products, local produce, or even gluten or lactose free products.

This project has tapped into several HMY solutions, from the design of the supermarket to its end installation. After an exhaustive exercise of designing the interior spaces, we placed custom-made counters and furniture, like perimeter shelving that adjusts to the supermarket’s walls to improve product visibility.  Visual communication through signage is also part of the set-up, which enhances the supermarket’s different sections, offering information about its diverse array of organic products.

This is how HMY shows its potential, by improving the shopping experience for customers interested in organic products.



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