HMY: innovation in retail

HMY: soluções integradas para marcas e varejistas

HMY é um grupo líder em engenhariafabricação e montagem de mobiliário para o varejo.

Além disso, oferecemos consultoria para marcas e varejistasserviços de design e arquiteturagestão de locais e projetosimplementação chave-na-mão soluções tecnológicas.

HMY: 60 anos como grupo

A HMY tem sua sede na headquarters in França. Estamos nos aproximando do nosso 60º aniversário.

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About HMY in Spain

At HMY, we began our activity on the Commercial Furniture and Equipment market in Spain over 35 years ago.
Today, we are leaders in design, manufacture and installation of equipment for commercial spaces, and we have increased our services to offer a comprehensive turnkey service in all distribution sectors.
We work on a day-to-day basis to be the number-one choice for a comprehensive commercial equipment supplier, creating value for our clients, employees and shareholders.
We transform our clients’ sales area into an attractive and efficient space, providing products, services and innovative solutions to create an excellent shopping experience.

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About HMY in United Kingdom

HMY continues to be the supplier of choice for many within the retail and display markets. We design, manufacture and supply shelving systems for specific point of sale fixtures. We specialise in new store area development, extensions, refit, rehabilitation, roll-out initiatives, store reconfigurations and have diversified developing our own MS50 system for modular market stalls and Innovate 25 system for the library shelving sector.

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About HMY in France

HMY Group is the international leader in design and equipment manufacturing for commercial spaces.
HMY France, one of our entities, has 3 manufacturing plants at Monéteau (89), Vendôme (41) and Escatalens (82).
We support the development of French and international brands by offering a one-stop solution: design, manufacture, delivery and installation worldwide of a complete range of equipment and furniture.
Thanks to our dedicated staff, we transform the shopping area of our clients into an attractive space, adapted to each market segment. We provide products, services and innovative solutions to create a unique shopping experience for general stores and specialty stores.











HMY: alcance global, implementação local

HMY gerencia 15 unidades de produção;; nossas fábricas são certificadas segundo a última norma ambiental internacional ISO 14001, ou estão em processo de certificação.


HMY: especialista em uma ampla gama de setores e formatos

HMY trabalha com marcas de luxopremiumlifestylemasstige & mass market em diversos setores e formatos do varejo: shopping centerstravel retaillojas de departamentoshipermercadossupermercadoslojas especializadasshop-in-shopsoutpostsfeiraseventos, assim como marcas de prestígio.


HMY: innovation in retail