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Checkout & Self Services


Thanks to their modular design, HMY’s checkoutsoffer several different combinations for payment, adapting to the establishment’s different needs.

This checkout furniture is designed both for store employees, guaranteeing safety and comfort while working, and for consumers, streamlining the payment process to avoid queueing.

Axis checkout

Functional, aesthetic, technological: promotes the checkout process.

modular system that can adapt to any retail space (hypermarket, supermarket, proxy, etc.).

AXIS can incorporate any of our technological products to process payment.

The furniture is completely customizable. The lighting can be combined with a broad range of colors to adapt the checkout to the store’s image.
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Alura – Ilura checkouts

Aesthetic, ergonomic and versatile to streamline the checkout process.

The Altura line offers unlimited solutions for the payment process. Registers with conveyer belts, without conveyer belts, cashier position to the left, position to the right, on both sides… And a very wide range of accessories to complement the register according to each establishment’s needs.

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