• China Retail Industry Convention

HMY Yongguan takes part in the 2014 China Retail Industry Convention

The 16th edition of this convention organized by China Chain Store & Franchise Association took place last November 6th, 7th and 8th in Fuzhou, in the Fujian province.

HMY Yongguan wanted to be present in this, the most important exposition in the retail industry in China. The event is acknowledged to be the most influential for showcasing the future vision of China. This year's slogan has been "Smart Retail- Embrace the New Consumption Era". At the event a wide variety of themes offered information to retailers interested in innovative solutions for their business. Many of these addressed the ever increasing and demanding requirements of the Omni channel consumer.

HMY Yongguan hosted a 337 sqm stand showcasing the latest novelties in display solutions for retail environments. They also participated in organized discussion forums contributing their knowledge in "supermarkets access flows". Mr. Gu Yong Quan, HMY Yongguan C.E.O. and speaker at this presentation highlighted the importance of Access flow design, which is one of the key points in the success of a supermarket. To design a successful layout and Access flow it is necessary to consider several criteria including Consumer’s habit, product characteristics and the surface and shape of supermarket. "Each supermarket is unique and only the correct design will maximise and increase sales". The approach conveyed in this talk had a very positive response from both customer and sales team delegates. Yong Quan also had the privilege of being be one of the high level executives invited to the Convention who addressed a small speech during the opening.

The China Retail Industry Convention is a fantastic platform for Retail Industry suppliers. With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in Retail, HMY Yongguan did not want to miss the opportunity to participate and share knowledge, experiences and future visions. From 2006 HMY Yongguan has been part of the HMY Group, the International leader in design, production and installation of commercial equipment, joining their synergies with the rest of the group to offer our products, services and innovative solutions that improve the consumers shopping experience.

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