Over 14,500 Visitors Gathered at MPV 2018

The MPV exhibition was held last week. HMY participated with a booth showing some of our company's most innovative products and projects.

More than 14,500 visitors were present at this edition of MPV; they walked through the exhibition's 222 booths, where they could find retail furniture, technological solutions for their point of sale and design examples of commercial spaces.

The exhibition also served as a meeting place for professionals that attended the 32 conference sessions, which focused on the evolution of the sector and the trends that are developing in retail.

MPV's director, Brune Jullien, notes that: "The emerging marketing solutions at the point-of-sale, which are customer-centric, determine the customer's entire journey and rely on a combination of human and digital experiences. For retail professionals, experience means bringing meaning and emotion to the act of purchase. The MPV Show, a meeting point for the point-of-sale professional community, offers an overview of marketing offerings at the point of sale and showcases the best encounters between products and customers. The experts, provide visitors with the keys points in their businesses through conferences and coaching sessions".

Throughout the event, current trends in the retail world were extensively discussed. From the outset, the organizers of MPV expressed in their press release that this exhibition would be defined by 3 clear trends: personalization, the joining of physical and digital, and proximity. We certainly saw many retail solutions that incorporated these trends at MPV.

The contribution of technological solutions at the point of sale was also influential at MPV 2018.

HMY's booth at MPV featured several solutions and products that responded directly to the challenges currently faced by the retail world. Here are some of the products that have attracted the attention of visitors to our booth:

  • The Product Advisor: The interactive product recommender is a technological devicethat uses an RFID reader to offer additional information about the selected product. It quickly compares various products and recommends additional products to boost cross-sales. Its detection in a short-range field has a very interesting application for its use with display items. Through RFID tags, display items are referenced for the customer to bring them closer to the device and it provides them with detailed product information. When it is not in use, it can function as digital signage.

  • Transparent display is a new product high-light solution to create a storytelling around a real product inside the box. It creates a differentiation effect at the point of sales and enhances the product by showing:

    • - Main features / benefits of that product.

    • - The story behind that product.

    • - The promotional video campaing to create a special environment.

  • Digital signage is an innovative tool to optimize internal and external communication by broadcasting segmented digital content in real time on screens installed at strategic points in salesrooms. Thanks to Digital signage, we turn points of sale into dynamic, digital and innovative spaces that strengthen the brand’s image and product perception, influencing purchase decisions.

  • Holographic display generate attention and convert WOW factor into business advantages. It is an innovative solution to highlight concrete products virtually. With the product’s 3D hologram, the client can view it in 360º, generating an illusion. Furthermore, it is compatible with audio extensions to draw greater attention to the showcase. The Holographic Display is highly useful for exhibiting concrete products or references for expectation campaigns and product launches...

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