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Clapés Perfume Shops Is Committed to the Digital Transformation of its Stores.

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Clapés Perfume Shops Is Committed to the Digital Transformation of its Stores.

Clapés Perfume Shops, with over 40 years in the industry and 14 stores spread across the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, has initiated a process of digital transformation. First, the company has opted to implement this in one of its stores in Ibiza. The project was carried out with the help of Consulting & Design and HMY's "Retail Technology."

Having analyzed the needs of Clapés, a briefing was held in which key elements were defined that would be adapted for the integration of technology. Throughout the process, the experts at HMY worked on design and development in order to reach the goals Clapés had put on the table, and whose target had been met in this first stage.  The four ranges of solutions include standard and customized furniture, ambiance, lighting and technologies, in addition to consulting, design, manufacturing and assembly, among other services, which HMY has developed on order to create a memorable experience for the consumer.

As a featured solution, in this first digitized store, there are screens installed around the perimeter of the store that, after an analysis and feasibility study on its compatibility with the commercial space's lighting, were positioned ensuring that the operating system would display content for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, the technology team at HMY provided support for the development of all content to be displayed on the screens. That way, as a base for the content, each of the display screens included the image of each brand of products displayed on the furniture, creating a unified image for the presentation of the advertised merchandise.

The digital signage system provides Clapés Perfume Shops many different options such as offering perfume brands the opportunity to promote their products in these spaces, as well as including the chain's own advertisements (such as promotions or campaigns), or even to synchronize all of these in order to create a completely immersive in-store experience for the consumer.

Thanks to its commitment to the digitalization of its stores, Clapés Perfume Shops has delved into a new environment where it will evolve and strengthen its image now that the company has tackled the integration of new technologies.

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