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Brand stores design for Haribo

Haribo is a company based in Germany. In the beginning Haribo was devoted exclusively to confectionary production but, nowadays, it has diversified its business, becoming a fully-fledged brand with its own universe and range of diverse products

Thus, Haribo have decided to create a new brand store concept in which to offer its customers an attractive choice of sweets in all possible kinds of packaging: bulk, boxes, bags…. and hundreds of merchandising articles with its popular golden-bear brand.

HMY were called upon to carry out the transformation of its factory shops, until now in an industrial style, to authentic brand boutiques. This new store design, developed in partnership with the agency Altavia Pallas, seeks to create friendly and fun spaces, so little kids and big kids alike, can live a unique experience in the world of Haribo. Having already been implemented in the French cities Troyes and Miramas, the concept is set to be deployed in the rest of France.

In this project, we have been faced with different challenges relating to the complexity and difficulty of the design raised for these brand stores and the relevant deadlines. Our teams were given only two months to raise the project, which had to merchandise the global concept of the store, manufacture all the pieces of furniture, standard and customized, as well as install it in the different points of sale.

Despite relying on our standard shelving system, Gryn Evolution, for the central units, multiple examples of customized furniture were developed: wooden Wall units, counter desks, rounded central gondolas, wooden decorations and LEDs.

Among the customized commercial furniture solutions that were designed specifically designed for this project three elements stand out: 

Firstly, a 3D thread of white wood and LEDs, called the “sharing thread”, borders all the peripheral furniture of the store giving volume to the display areas.

Secondly, inspired by the idea of pipes to transport money, plastic tubes were installed to enable the storage of Haribo- branded toy bears.

Finally, one of the central pieces of the new store concept is a great suspended piece in the shape of a “Croco” sweet. Custom-made in wood, with a size of 6,5 meters long and 3,5 meters wide, with a thread of blue LED lights which could not go unnoticed.

HMY: innovation in retail

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