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Managing a unique, demanding project for the Empire State store

Located on the 80th floor of the emblematic New York skyscraper, it has 350 m2 of retail space that welcomes over four million visitors on a yearly basis.

This is a duty-free establishment, managed by the Swiss group Dufry. Dufry trusted in our international operational capability to perform this renovation.

We transported 3 containers and 17 mini-TV trucks with furniture to be placed in the store. A total of 64 km was travelled by elevator to hoist all of the material up to the building’s 80th floor, with over 200 trips.

Thorough planning, coordinated by our international Project Management team to meet tight deadlines, with contingency plans for each action, and a myriad of specific certifications in the country played a valuable role.

Global scope, even vertically

Empire States Store, by HMY - International Management - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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