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NDMAC Easy Beer, by HMY - Retail POS System - Image 1

Technology applied to the point of sale

We walked alongside NDMAC in developing a self-service beer tap. This is an innovative system for the point of sale, called “bar connected with its customers,” awarded on two occasions by POPAI as the best marketing project at the point of sale.

With the need to simplify the moment when beer is served, especially when there are many people, and so as to offer a different experience to the consumer, NDMAC proposed creating an individual, autonomous point of sale. This is a beer dispenser connected to a tablet that opens the tap after paying by card.

It is easy to transport and it is simple to install, so it can be used for many different occasions, not only at bars and retail spaces, but also at other events such as concerts, festivals, etc.

Smart processes applied to retail and other commercial spaces to garner customer loyalty and improve business profitability.

NDMAC Easy Beer, by HMY - Retail POS System - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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