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Futbol Emotion, by HMY - Retail Technology  - Image 1

Technology revolutionizes the retail world: Futbol Emotion

Digital signage, interactive kiosks, video wall, interactive price comparison, automatic inventories… Futbol emotion wanted to transfer its excellent experience with online sales to its new store concept, connecting its channels and creating an omnichannel shopping experience.

This is an innovative store concept that goes beyond traditional retail, not only with built-in technology but with absolutely flexible furniture, which, besides increasing display capability, also creates customized spaces for brands, so that they can easily change the products displayed, create routes, delimit areas, etc. In short, the point-of-sale spaces are more productive.

Our Concept, Furniture and Technology teams accompany Futbol Emotion in this macro project. National and international expansion is planned, with 50 new stores being inaugurated over the upcoming 4 years.

A digital transformation for stores that activates and impacts the consumer, and garners said customer's loyalty.

Futbol Emotion, by HMY - Retail Technology  - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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