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Swarovski, by HMY, shop construction - General Contracting - Image 1

Building the new Swarovsky store concept

HMY was in charge of implementing the new Swarovsky store concept all over Spain. We started with the first store in Madrid, where we established the construction guidelines to be followed in the other stores. For example, the sliding doors to enter each store were studied and proposed for this first action, and then acted as a prototype for the rest.

The retail spaces were located in city downtown areas, so each one of the construction projects had to meet specific requirements in each region in regards to permits, technical requirements, etc.

Our team of engineers, building supervisors, architects, etc., provided technical support and aided the customer in construction details for the stores, taking care of many of the issues on-site.

The materials used were top quality and considerably fragile: crystal, glass, etc. This meant that logistics and assembly took care, even down to the slightest detail, to ensure the best result.

HMY, specialists in building and renovating retail premises.

Swarovski, by HMY, shop construction - General Contracting - Image 3
HMY: innovation in retail

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